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BLEED ON ME by Shane McKenzie


Shane McKenzie

(Author of Infinity House and All You Can Eat)

Chris Taylor is a good-for-nothing loser, living off his late pornstar mother’s inheritance in a rat-hole apartment. Chris has absolutely nothing going for him until the night he decides to complain to his neighbors about their pounding music—and finds all but one of them butchered. But the bodies don’t stay dead, they reanimate and reform in bizarre, horrible ways, and now it is up to Chris and his tenuous alliance with a drug dealer named Spade to put an end to the demonic menace before it’s too late.

 And all Chris has to do is bleed…

“Unflinching and uncompromising, tough and talented, Shane McKenzie stands at the forefront of the next generation of horror writers.”

—Bentley Little

“Shane McKenzie has the kind of imagination that should require a license to operate. He is one to watch.”

—Ray Garton


99¢ Kindle Ebook Sale!

This weekend only, the following REDRUM HORROR and ABATTOIR PRESS titles will be only 99¢ for Kindle:

Coming in June: A BLIND EYE TO THE REARVIEW by Eric A. Jackson


Eric A. Jackson

Abattoir Novella Series #1
Abattoir Press, 2012, 90 pages
ISBN 978-0615633893
Paperback $7.99
Ebook $1.99
* * * * *

Jebediah Crane receives a note ordering him to kill his own father within twenty-four hours or be killed himself. The problem is, his father has been dead for over a decade. What follows is a strange, darkly-fantastical tale with elements of noir in which Jeb must confront the ghosts of his past, identify the note’s author, and put an end to the madness before it’s too late…

“Eric A. Jackson’s A Blind Eye to the Rearview reads like a cross between Jim Thompson’s The Killer Inside Me and Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughter House Five. Jackson’s sharp narrative and original voice bring the reader along on a terrible, beautiful journey into a deeply twisted mind. In Jackson’s startlingly original novel, Jebediah Crane is a madman ‘unstuck’ in a dark, terrible place.”

—Steve Weddle, editor of Needle: A Magazine of Noir

CATCH MY KILLER! (The First Sam Truman Mystery) Read & Win!

CATCH MY KILLER!, the very first installment of the Sam Truman Mysteries series, is available now for Kindle at

Sam Truman is a disgraced and unlicensed former private investigator without a proverbial pot to piss in. During a morning mission to scrape up enough bread to pay his rent at the flophouse, Sam intervenes in an attempted robbery and ends up shooting the robber to death with a gun he isn’t legally permitted to possess. In the aftermath of the shooting, Sam is visited by the bloody corpse of the dead robber, which is now being inhabited by the spirit of a murdered woman who charges Sam with the task of solving her murder. Now Sam is up to his neck in a dark underworld of walking corpses, black magic, and Hell’s own army, and all because he agreed to a dead woman’s plea to “Catch my killer!”

And to sweeten the pot, we’re offering a signed trade paperback copy of Ronald Malfi’s acclaimed novel Via Dolorosa to two readers who post a review of Catch My Killer! on Amazon between now and April 30!

All you have to do is read Catch My Killer!, review it at Amazon, and send an email to linking to your review. You will then be automatically entered to win one of two copies ofVia Dolorosasigned by Bram Stoker Award nominee Ronald Malfi!

So what are you waiting for?

New editions of the Sam Truman Mysteries will release every six weeks. Next up is The Last Invasion by newcomer Brandon Zuern. Follow for updates, and subscribe to the Redrum Horror/Abattoir Press mailing list by emailing with MAILING LIST in the subject line.

BLEED by Ed Kurtz

In this house, something is growing that will make you BLEED.

When Walt Blackmore moves into an old gable front house on the outskirts of a small town, things are really looking up for him; he has an adoring girlfriend to whom he plans to propose, a new job teaching English at the local high school, and an altogether bright future. His outlook and destiny are irreparably changed, however, when an unusual dark red spot appears on the ceiling in the hallway. Bit by bit, the spot grows, first into a dripping blood stain and eventually into a grotesque, muttering creature.

As the creature grows, Walt finds himself more and more interested in fostering its well-being. At first he only feeds it stray animals so that the blood-hungry monster can survive, but this soon fails to satisfy the creature’s ghastly needs. It is gradually becoming human again, and for that to happen it requires human blood and human flesh. And once Walt has crossed the line from curiosity to murder, there is no going back.

One of the “Top 10 Books of 2011*” is finally back in paperback in a new, revised edition from Abattoir Press.

Praise for Bleed

“Page after stunning page, Ed Kurtz gets it right. This book was like memory lane for me, its luminous prose and unstoppable tension taking me back to the great small town horror novels of the ’70s and ’80s. I didn’t think they made ‘em like this anymore, but thankfully, I was wrong. For, with Bleed, Kurtz has not only written an intensely scary tale, but a timeless one as well.” —Joe McKinney, Stoker nominated author of Apocalypse of the Dead and Flesh Eaters

“With his debut novel, Bleed, Ed Kurtz pulls no punches, giving the reader a simple yet ultimately satisfying meal of blood and extreme violence. Highly recommended!” —Gord Rollo, Author of Valley of the Scarecrow and The Jigsaw Man

“If David Cronenberg and Frank Hennenlotter decided to remake Little Shop of Horrors and Hellraiser, Bleed would be the result.” —Nick Cato, The Horror Fiction Review

“You won’t be disappointed.” —Darkeva, Hellnotes

“Kurtz brings the scares. I found myself honestly frightened at what may be waiting for me on the next page.” —Pat Dreadful, Dreadful Tales

“[Ed Kurtz’s] crisp, fast-paced writing, excellent character development, and his ability to write some truly grisly scenes will have you turning the pages at lightning speed. As you read Bleed you’ll at times be reminded of the works and minds of Clive Barker and David Cronenberg, and that’s some pretty damn good company. This is a fun, gory creature novel by a really fresh and original voice. Highly recommended.” —Scott Shoyer, Anything Horror Central

Bleed is an interesting exploration of human loneliness, desire and guilt…Kurtz writes with such grace that the story is never about pure nastiness but rather a great story in which blood, scabs, an appalling background story…, murder and cannibalism combine to entertain thoroughly and keep you glued to the pages.” —Gabino Iglesias, Austin Post

“I enjoyed the hell out of it! ★★★★★” —Sheri White, Horror-Web


*Best of 2011 lists: Geeks of Doom, Anything Horror, Horror Talk,

Via Dolorosa by Ronald Malfi


Lieutenant Nick D’Nofrio is back from the war, but he is not home. The dead are on the other side of the world, but they haunt him daily. He tries to be a husband to his new wife, Emma, but he can’t connect with other people. He is obligated to paint a mural at the Paradis d’Hôtel, but only horrors spring from his imagination. Nick suffers for his art, for himself, for the guilt of his painful secret…

The memory of war follows Nick D’Nofrio to the the Paradis d’Hôtel where he encounters a spectral Spanish beauty, a mysterious jazz musician, and a ghost from his troubled, violent past. As his marriage crumbles and his sanity spins out of control Nick is forced to face his demons, the worst of which may be himself.


“A remarkably versatile writer.”
Brian Keene, author of Ghoul and Dark Hollow

“Malfi’s use of language and his power of description are sublime.”
Fear Zone


Available in for the first time trade paperback and e-book from Abattoir Press in February, 2012!

Welcome to Abattoir Press

Abattoir Press is a new sub-imprint of Redrum Horror. Whereas Redrum Horror is dedicated solely to its numbered line of horror books, Abattoir is deigned to be a little more open as to what we release. Look for forthcoming releases like acclaimed author Ronald Malfi’s Via Dolorosa, the revised edition of Bleed by Ed Kurtz, and the hardboiled supernatural ebook series, The Sam Truman Mysteries, starting with Catch My Killer in 2012.

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